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Hello, March! Was I alone in feeling a strange pleasure in writing the date of 29th February? Such an odd, interstitial moment, intermittent enough to feel not quite real. And I wrote it a lot yesterday, given that I was processing 45 orientation leader payments, entailing two separate forms, each of which had to be signed and dated twice. There's a reason why my signature has degenerated, over the last five or six years of signing curriculum forms, into a sort of snarled and loopy scrawl. In which, I may add, it rather beautifully reflects the frequently snarling, snarled and loopy existence of the writer.

I appear to have randomly remembered my undertaking to acknowledge my sources in my involuted subject line quotes. Thus, February! Reading in order from the top (or, if reading the blog's front page, from the bottom), I have referenced the following:
  1. Goats.
  2. Walt Whitman, by way of Ray Bradbury.
  3. Goats.
  4. The opening sentence to The Haunting of Hill House, which is eerily reminiscent of H.P. Lovecraft on horror.
  5. A running gag on Pajiba, my favourite film review site, whose writers are frequently and beautifully rude and invariably refer to the actor Channing Tatum as Charming Potato, a sobriquet presumably aimed more at his acting ability than his appearance, although ymmv.
  6. Charlotte Bronte's introduction to the second edition of Jane Eyre, the one where she actually admitted authorship.
  7. The BeeGees, one of their more mournful early efforts. (Quiet in the peanut gallery, please).
  8. Goats, twice in a row.
  9. David Bowie. I appear to be contractually obligated to include a monthly Bowie quote. "TVC15", in this case.
The Goats quotation craze appears to be mercifully dying. Either that, or my life is less surreal at the moment. Hooray. I think.
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