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you have made me very desperate

The new Avengers trailer is bloody exciting, and has me all whipped up into a frenzy to see this movie. Which is, of course, the point; but it also underlines how much trailer-making is an art, and how seldom it's done well. The movie looks as though it's going to provide the ideal balance between human (or superhuman) drama and kick-butt action, which is, after all, no more than we expect from Joss. If you haven't watched it, do: it's guaranteed to raise your heart-rate. In a good way.

And it has The Moment! Remember The Moment? Of course it has The Moment. This is Joss.

Apologies for the terrible screen capture, it's an extended version of The Moment with the camera swinging around (about two minutes in to the trailer) and it doesn't translate well into a single static viewpoint. I could do random analyses of the back-to-back pose and the circularity of the camera enfolding the heroes in their own self-contained world and separating them from the evils which beset them, but I'll be merciful and leave it as an exercise for the student.
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