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Tuesday Wol is minor but belligerent

Faculty board today, and the slightly weird experience of having two deputy deans in a row call on me to elucidate obscure bits of faculty curriculum wossname, and to find myself giving clear, succint and forceful responses. I suspect I am developing aggressive administrative confidence in sheer self-defense. Tuesday Wol is therefore appropriate. He was sent to me by a couple of people, including my mother and first_fallen. He looks alertly indignant, which is more or less the default mood for wols, but I identify with his poised defensiveness. It's a beautiful photo, and the photographer's other wildlife stuff is very worth a browse.

Digging up the link to this photo made me realise that I don't actually see about two out of three responses to my tweets, even if I'm refreshing madly at the time. Not on, Twitter. The occasional dropped tweet is a misfortune. More than that looks like carelessness.
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Is true: I don't know why, but a lot of replies to me don't show up in my timeline. I do get text alerts, though.

Entirely unrelated to anything, why haven't you read The Gone Away World yet? I am sure you haven't, because I can't imagine you wouldn't have blogged about it. You must, though. It has Jessica written all over it.
I have also noticed that in the main timeline. However, if you look under "mentions" or "@connect" (depending on which platform you use) all the replies etc should be there.

Also, wols ftw.