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what has roots as nobody sees

Working at home today, hooray! Busy putting together a long and complicated document to convince the Staffing Committee that the job I am doing is not the job they think I am doing (mystic Jedi hand gesture). This is fun, and is allowing me, via the eradication of all actual personal voice, to exercise all my rake-in-the-grass diplomatico-obfuscatory language. I am not entirely assisted by the tendency of Hobbit to lie langorously all over the documentation, but he's kinda cute.

The day has, however, been minorly disrupted by the activities of maddened plumbers plumbing the depths in an attempt to discover why the loo in my bathroom has refused to drain properly for about four days. Answer: giant conglomeration of tree roots in the drain under my courtyard. I darkly suspect the buddleja, which is the only thing really flourishing in that poor, neglected area. Also, I am rendered curiously happy to discover that not only am I spelling "buddleja" correctly, but that it's named after the Reverend Adam Buddle, 1662–1715, one of those presumably happily-pottering ecclesiastical botanists, who lived in Essex and probably never encountered an actual buddleja.

Mostly, I am happy to report that choosing a plumber by the spelling on their website results in a high quality of response and service. I found Clyde Bosman plumbing by dint of googling for "plumber recommendation cape town", and was favourably struck by the tone of chatty, grammatical professionalism on their site. They were very pleasant, arrived within a couple of hours despite a self-confessedly booked-up Friday, sorted out the problem in 45 minutes, did a random lateral additional sweep for roots in other bits of drain by their own suggestion, and charged their absolutely standard drain-clearing fee for the whole bang shoot. This is why grammar is important. Also, hooray! the need to dash semi-naked through the house to use the Evil Landlord's bathroom was wearing a little thin.
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Hooray! And *yes*. I am very strongly inclined to choose service people of all kinds by their level of grammar and such; it shows attention to detail and care for their reputation and such, innit.
Yay! We used to use a plumber recommended by the khois. Fabulous plumber. But he's headed back to the wilds of KZN, leaving me pre-panic stricken. What to do if there's a pluumbing disaster?! Now I can relax again and go with the grammatically sound Clyde Bosman & assoc.

Thank you for your research in this matter.
Ooh, tut tut, I did spy a wayward apostrophe. Perhaps we can point it out to them next time we use their services. In hardcopy, enlarged, highlighted. To be helpful.