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Monday wol is soothingly floral

Mondays are always a bit hellish in my neck of the woods - apart from all the students brooding over their curriuclum woes over the weekend and arriving bright and early on Monday to talk about them in unnecessary detail, I always have at least one meeting. Today was two, one of them with the Dean (always slightly elevated stress levels), and was also enlivened by the kind of student who takes exception to the Mere! Idea! of rules applying to her when it's clearly All! Our! Fault!, and throws her weight around by threatening to escalate things to Senior Figures (here the VC, which isn't quite in the Jacob Zuma class, but still). I am therefore somewhat frayed, and need soothing things to contemplate. virtualkathy sent me these. They're soothing.

I have been right through the April archive (twice) for the Lemonspank blog from which the photo hails, and cannot find the original post, hence the link to the photo only. I'm confused, the wols are decontextualised, and there's nothing I can do about it. Sorry.
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