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they all rolled over and the one fell out

Goodness, April. I cannot condone the helter-skelter promiscuity with which the months leap headlong into each other's recently-vacated beds. In particular, I cannot but feel peeved at the fact that April this year seems to have heralded a full-on glandular resurgence, which means I'm dragging myself around the show in a dazed and non-functional state, wibbling. However, five-day break over Easter. (I took Thursday off to spend it with my Mama, who arrives from points British on Wednesday night, hurrah!)

It being a new month, I am obliged to follow my New Year's Resolution, namely to acknowledge the sources of my involuted subject line references. March shakes down as follows:

1st: English proverb. Have you ever noticed how many English proverbs are concerned with the weather? Poor things.
6th: David Bowie, lyrics of "Teenage Wildlife", appropriately enough given the subject of the post.
8th: beautifully apposite quote from Avengers trailer.
11th: quote from Rango.
16th: Quote from one of Gollum's riddles.
20th: quote from one of my favourite T-shirts, although not, confusingly, the anti-Twilight T-shirt featured in the post. We rejoice in a plethora of anti-Twilight t-shirts, suggesting that there's hope for today's youth.
24th: Logan quote from Veronica Mars. Logan is eminently quotable. Also, Logan/Veronica 4 EVAH!
27th: an infusion of my usual "< Weekday > Wol is..." formula with a mutated LOLcat slogan.
29th: Quote from "Teach Your Children Well", which is a catchy but saccharine Crosby Stills & Nash song I learned in guitar club at school.
21st. Self-conscious invocation of the traditional diss of a clichéd fantasy novel or D&D game, and simultaneously a deliberate subtextual referral to the slash fan fiction I teach in the course whose web pages the hacker is routinely hacking.

In other news, if you haven't yet seen The Guild's new musical number + video, do so. It's a marvellous geeky revenge fantasy, but it's also an incredibly clever piece of film which plays lovely games with visual matches and with pretentious rock-band tropes.
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I agree with one of the commenters who said "it looks like Bladez is about to get raped".

But yes, awesome song and video.