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you and your arithmetic, you'll probably go far

It tells you absolutely everything you need to know about the Internet, popular technology and the thought processes of the geek tribe that when BoingBoing posts a link to a slinky on a treadmill, it seems a natural, right and inevitable thing. Because if you have a slinky, and a treadmill, and a camera, and YouTube, why wouldn't you? It's some kind of Darwinian thought selection. The niche exists, therefore it must be filled.

Also, while inevitable, it's also bizarre and wayward enough to make me seriously happy. And the video is, for some reason, mesmerising.

I am working happily at home today, with rain drumming on the windows, a cat and a heater on my feet, a continuous cup of Earl Grey, a blissful lack of student interruptions, and a consciousness of the rearguard action all this is fighting against the sinus infection which is bumbling around somewhere in the middle distance, plotting its takeover. I have sprungclent my inbox, answered about forty emails, written a review of a paper, taken an Advil, and am about to play a righteous half-hour of Mass Effect over my lunch-break before I write up notes from three different meetings. All is right with the world.
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o i bow before your verboliation, although i was proud of "turquoiscintilliant" (mauritian waters in summer) and "catharting" (what is performed on many a blog).
Re: sprungclent
I cannot tell a lie, "sprungclent" is nicked from Diana Wynne Jones, circa a small girl child in The Pinhoe Egg. On the other hand, DWJ is always worthy of recognition. Wordsmiths of the world unite!