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Things I Have Learned About My Stupid Body: sometimes there are glandular days. These are the days when I'm exhausted when I wake up, my voice is down about an octave, I have a lurking sinus headache, and there's a throbbing and generalised ache under my chin. What I have learned is that these days are hopeless. If they happen - and today is a good example - I am going to be non-productive. There's no way out of it: my brain is in a state of feeble and lassitudinous wibble. It is therefore imperative that I don't add to the bodily stress and strain by feeling guilty: rather, I should rejoice in such small victories as I do achieve - emails answered, notes written up, students not bitten in half.

I should also rejoice that these days give me a low enough energy level that I simply cannot work up a good snit. So when a parent-of-student sends me an entirely unjustified email blasting me from on high for officiousness, insensitivity and gods know what else, I merely look at it vaguely, think, "Silly man", and send a placatory reply. On non-glandular days at this time of year, when the angst-mark in my office is above head height, I would explode into jagged shards, delete the email, undelete it, write three scorching replies, delete them all and then burst into hysterical tears. Fortunately, I simply don't have the energy. Besides, incendiary karma ferrets will eat him. (And possibly have done so retroactively, given that his house just burned down).

Also, it is giving me a certain peaceable immunity to annoyance, to know that my marking is done for the year, I don't have pressing papers to write, and the last third of Mass Effect 3 can have my undivided attention when I've wended my weary way home. (ME3 is terribly world-at-war and doom-laden and apocalyptic, but not without moments of quiet enjoyment, such as the bit yesterday where I swear Shepherd shamelessly checked out Kaidan's butt). All the best pleasures are simple.
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Hm! Unexpected side benefit of spoon shortage ( Good to know. I'm not sure I'd have the same experience; when I'm operating on spoon deficit,* any unjustified attack (or anything that feels like an attack) might just break me entirely.

* I of course am in excellent health and have no cause to complain about spoons. However it is my contention that everyone has potential spoon issues - that is, we all have a finite supply, even if that supply is very large, and under certain circumstances, we all experience what it's like to approach that limit. Circumstances such as the exhaustion such as experienced by parents of colicky newborns, for instance, or extreme life stress, or what have you.
Spoon theory! fascinating! (all the more because I've been reading Goon Show and have a tendency to type it as "spon theory", which isn't quite the same). I can completely imagine that small children would be serious spoon-thieves, I honestly don't know how you parental types manage it.