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happy Joss Whedon's birthday!

I am a sad fangirl. I still get an unholy kick out of sharing a birthday with Joss, who is 50 this year and still comfortingly older than I am, and who moreover validates my fangirling utterly not only by intelligently being born on the same date I was, but by producing things like The Avengers, thus neatly conflating several of my personal fixations. (I shall leave identifying the exact fixations as an exercise for the reader).

I have had a lovely birthday, doing not much in an entirely self-indulgent way - playing computer games (which is no different to a lot of other days, then, but without the guilt), eating chocolate, chatting to random lovely friends who dropped by for one reason or another, and going out to dinner with the usual crew to La Mouette, whose winter special tasting menu is a damn fine thing. There is still a ridiculous amount of chocolate in the house.

The computer games have not been materially assisted by the affectionate nature of the Hobbit, whose favoured position is recorded for posterity below. I need my right hand in Amalur for moving forward, parrying, swapping weapons and chugging healing potions, so it's not an entirely felicitous confluence of cat and gamer. The aching wrist from the heavy Hobbit-head, however, neatly balances the aching wrist on the mouse hand from clicking "attack" and clenching all my muscles while I swear.

I should point out that the weird brown box/paper thing behind Hobbit's left ear is my Evil Landlord's idea of a good birthday present, which is to wander into Tomes, the larney chocolate place in the Waterfront, and request two of every kind of dark chocolate they have except the ones with coconut. He is a civilised man and knows me well. Have also scored tea and chocolate biscuits, groovy clothes, cute cat-toys, interesting plants and umpteen wishes from people all over the show, for which my happy, grateful thanks.
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Happy birthday! Both you and Joss have the great fortune of sharing a birthday with my niece :)
I always forget about the happy confluence of your niece. Felicitations to her and on her excellent choice of dates!
Ergh! Saw the calendar today and realised I missed your birthday. I'm so glad you had a good one :).
No worries! the older I get, the less I expect birthday fuss. I am now at the happy level of no real expectation, which means any that does occur has the force of happy surplus, but anyone who misses it does so absolutely and entirely without blame.
I did the same appalling thing... happy unbirthday for today, then! I hope you are toasty warm and enjoying the weather very much.
I read this tucked into my cosy office, writing papers on E Nesbit, and with a heater on my feet, and I am indeed enjoying the weather very much. Thank you for the unbirthday greetings, and see comment above re not appalling at all - no expectation, no worries, am too old for birthday fuss!