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Today is the first time I've ever wished I was in a different faculty. Various flavours of science department must be all bouncy and gleeful today about the Higgs boson confirmation, but Humanities trundles on obliviously. I keep having to restrain myself from babbling about it enthusiastically to confused History professors. Sigh. Also, I am a sad geek. This photo of Professor Higgs all vindicated and overcome with emotion made me weepy.

I seem to have allowed the start of the month to slide past without acknowledging my intellectual debts. Horrors! (Although not as much of the month as I thought, given that I've resolutely and erroneously dated all the forms I've signed today for the 6th July). Nonetheless, herewith.

  • 1st June. Goon Show, The Moon Show, which is magnificently silly and which I did, for once, actually mention in the post.
  • 4th June. Not actually a quote. Apparently I am too capable of originality.
  • 8th June. Ernest Bramah, The Wallet of Kai Lung, via, as a commenter perspicaciously pointed out, Dorothy Sayers. (Lord Peter was another very early girlhood crush. But did lead me to Kai Lung, who I likewise adore on the Master Li principle).
  • 13th June. Mordin Solus from Mass Effect 2. The beautiful and inevitable logic of making Salarians sing Gilbert and Sullivan patter-song makes me extremely happy. Also, the rhymes in the filk are clever.
  • 15th June. I am quoting Toto. In a post linking to Toto covers and confessing an enjoyment of "Africa". So sue me.
  • 16th June. Isaac Watts, although I am still heartily kicking myself that I didn't construct the post more intelligently and use the Lewis Carroll crocodile instead.
  • 22nd June. I am rectifying the Lewis Carroll omission by quoting the White Knight's Song, quite one of my favourite pieces of dreamy nonsense poetry.
  • 23rd June. Only a quote if you consider me to be quoting myself on previous birthdays. I think I may adopt this as an official birthday tradition.
  • 26th June. Oh, dear. I am guilty of using as a subject line the title of one of the Call of Cthulhu modules I wrote with Bumpycat. This is possibly unduly narcissistic. Sorry.
  • 27th June. Title of a work I've always liked by a French artist, and thus linked to the post on umpteen levels, including using the actual work as an illustration.
  • 28th June. Egregious and unnecessary pun on a proverbial phrase.
Alas, no David Bowie. They may have to revoke my fan licence.
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Totally off-topic, but possibly interesting linkery
In case you missed it, here's a link to an edition of BBC Radio4's Front Row that includes an interview with Terry Pratchett:
It was apparently broadcast in late June. You should be able to access it from anywhere.

It is also presently available to download from the podcast page, will probably remain so for a short while longer:
Re: Totally off-topic, but possibly interesting linkery
I heartily embrace the notion of off-topic conversation. The comments on a blog should be a sort of general hang-out space, as far as I'm concerned :>.

Thank you for Pratchett linkery! I shall have a look just as soon as my dratted internet hurries up and loads it. There's probably a cable down again somewhere in central Africa. Sigh.