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I was very confused by the newspaper billboards this morning, one of which appeared to read "SA DOGS SECRETLY HELP PATIENTS TO DIE." I drove for about ten minutes musing about the story. Hounds of Tindalos? genetically modified hyper-intelligent right-to-die spaniels? weird trained killer attack throwing Pomeranian death cults? In fact, mature reflection suggests that it actually read "SA DOCS SECRETLY HELP PATIENTS TO DIE", but it makes for a much less interesting world.

For no adequately defined reason, random Friday is randomly Joss-focused. I don't normally read Tree Lobsters, but wolverine_nun pointed me at this lovely strip.

And Pajiba linked to this rather zen and pointlessly soothing video editing together all the Chinese bits from Firefly. Hmmm. I think I'm due for a Firefly rewatch, I'm having to mute far too much of Chuck for serious enjoyment.

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You have inspired me, I started rewatching Firefly last night. That Captain, he's so heartable *sigh*.
My Twitter feed has been insane with Comic Con and the Firefly reunion panel - Whedonesque was live-tweeting it. Weirdly, the above post predates that, but now I, too, have a yen to re-watch Firefly. And, yes, definitely all about the Captain.

Hmm, is that officially a pop culture Thing now? Delectable men who are captains? Captain Mal. Captain Jack Sparrow. Captain Jack Harkness. Captain America. Hmmm...