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It's Hellweek! Hooray! the queue of students trying to change curriculum stretches down the stairwell for two floors, into the basement. On average, if I've scheduled 6 advisors, 4-5 of them have turned up, which is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick but still isn't doing much for the queue. My day is blocked out with appointments at 15-minute intervals, and I've just had an entirely lousy 10 minutes with the faculty Exec, as they rampaged all over a proposal I'd made.

Today's Floored By Student moment:
Older student (in her late 30s): wishes to change programme, but has neither the Matric points nor the university results to support this.
Me: I'm very sorry, I consulted the admissions committee and your marks do not suggest you are likely to succeed if we move you. Your application is refused.
Her: AARGH tears serious illness family to support crushing my dreams aargh!
Me: I'm sorry, but no.
Her: AARGH tears hysterics have only one year left can't afford another year to continue in the same programme aargh!
Me: Aargh. *Ignores queue of 8 students outside my door, treks off to consult Faculty manager and Deputy Dean, wrests concession on compassionate grounds from them, returns.*
Me: *discovering something I should have noticed earlier* Oh, dear, you can't finish this year anyway, you need to repeat a first semester course.
Her: Oh, that's fine, I can do it next year.
Me: But you said you had to finish this year for financial reasons.
Her: *is silent*
Me: So you lied to me about your financial pressures?
Her: *is silent, gives me sidelong look*
Me: So the whole thing was a giant manipulation?
Her: is silent.
Me: registers her in equal and opposite silence, in a marked manner. I am not amused.

Despite all of above, I am pleased to report that (a) I have made a solemn resolve not to lose my temper with anyone this week, and (b) I have stuck to this resolution throughout today, often by dint of taking a deep breath and thinking soothing thoughts, and notwithstanding the manipulative little baggage above. I feel I am to be congratulated.
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