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dear abbey

This is where we did conference registration this morning, on the grass in the courtyard. Conferences in medieval abbeys don't suck.

This is the hall which was the main venue. It's known as the Monks' Attic. Note: no actual monks visible.

Lunch was in the Crypt, a decent photo of which I shall attempt to obtain tomorrow, and which was moreover possibly the only place in Ghent that's actually cool. (Apart from my hotel room, in which I am sitting in not much, clothing-wise, gently and happily turning blue at the extremities).

The conference is full of lovely people and shop talk, and the papers today were interesting, apart from mine, which I totally and utterly screwed up, to the point of reaching slightly over halfway through it, with the interesting meat still to come, and being told I had two minutes left. I still don't know what the hell I did. Reeling slightly. People were very kind, but I'm not fooled. Memo to self: do not attempt to compress what were apparently two entire papers into one in future. Also, attempt to find clue.
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Abbey looks lovely, what abbey is it? We have a lack of them across the channel, thanks to Henry 8th...
Conference venues, ftw.
LOOK AT THAT CONFERENCE VENUE! Excuse me while I'm so excited, I don't even notice that I didn't receive an invitation to said paper-giving in the Royal Mail. Also, lunch in a crypt.
Re: Conference venues, ftw.
oh, lord, I did it again. I meant to email you the conference details and suggest that at very least we meet up for tea or something, but last-minute paper-writing panic, with its inevitable effect on my organisation, intervened. How are your Monday or Tuesday looking? could we Do Tea?
Re: Conference venues, ftw.
Are you near London Town? I can meet any time Monday, or morning/evening on Tuesday. Deadlines are not awesome, but amazing photographs and a semi-holiday make up for it all.