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the level plain / Of waters coloured by impending clouds

The Lake District is very beautiful - the perfect balance between the neat, green, patchwork fields with their drystone walls, and the far more rugged fells which prevent everything from being just too safe and cultured. I totally get why the Romantic poets were mad about this place. I've been staying with my mother since Saturday in Sedbergh, and we've been driving around the lakes - Windermere on Tuesday, Ullswater today, and home through Kirkstone Pass, which is stunning. It's been overcast and dampish, my perfect kind of weather.

This is Windermere:


On Tuesday we also went and wandered around Muncaster Castle, which is pretty tourist-trappy and is not an actual castle so much as a mansion with delusions of crenellation:


... and which was selected almost entirely by virtue of its owl sanctuary. I share with my mother my obsession with owls, which I discover makes us strigiphiles. They have owls from all over the world, including several species I've never seen before.


Points for spotting the second owl in this photo. Thursday wol is definitely a ninja.

A quick heads-up: the wireless connection in the school where my mother works refuses to acknowledge the existence of Winona, my netbook (it insists she isn't adequately virus-protected, which is bollocks). This annoying fact, coupled with the inevitable corollary that I forgot to bring with me the password which allows me to access my mail on the web, means I can't get into my usual email, and am thus doing all email contact via Gmail. If you've emailed me over the last week or so and I haven't replied, that's why. Sorry. Try
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I read Swallows and Amazons as an impressionable youth, and had Beatrix Potter read to me from infancy, and to see those places (Coniston Water, Windemere and the Potter house and museum) was as wonderful for me as if I had been allowed into Narnia.
I've been having Swallows and Amazons flashbacks all week. Wonderful feeling. It's amazing how British landscapes colonise the mind via children's books.
I have replied to your Gmail. I will be around on Sunday afternoon, if you know your location at that time yet?