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Oh, dear. Apparently returning to work after a lovely three weeks of academic stimulation interspersed with holiday is a rude shock to the system, or at least to my sub-standard and idiosyncratic system. My lack of internet presence over the last week is because it's been a horrible week for fatigue, and I'm stumbling home from work in a more or less zomboid state more or less daily, groaning "braaaaains" to myself in a faintly pleading grr-aargh whisper. One of the nasty knock-on effects of the chronic fatigue has been the way in which, with pin-point accuracy, and whooping with callous glee, it targets my hormonal cycle: I have about four days a month in which I'm not only menstrual, I'm dragging myself around the show feeling as though I've just run the Comrades while being continuously beaten with sticks. I have absolutely no idea what to do about this. Do any of your nice ladies experience the menstrual fatigue thing? Is there anything you can do about it? The words "iron supplements" are floating vaguely around my brain looking for something to attach themselves to. (I decline to apologise to the nice male readers for whom this is Too Much Information, incidentally. Our society needs to get infinitely less precious about talking about this Girly Stuff).

Fortunately social stimulation does have an off-chance of overriding the fatigue, if Sunday night was anything to go by. My ongoing state of "Bah, humbug" means I really don't enjoy Christmas at Christmas time, owing to the horrible weight of socio-religious expectation it wears around its neck like a Juniper Tree millstone. I do, however, bizarrely enjoy the giant-festive-meal aspect of Christmas if you gently detach it from (a) socio-religious expectation, (b) ritualised and unquestioned family obligations and (c) the stinking hot middle of summer, hence our well-developed tendency to do Christmas in July, which tends to become Christmas in July in August in September owing to our general disorganisation.

At any rate, on Sunday night I finally cooked the turducken, with contributions from guests in the way of veggies and dessert and Jo's amazing Polish beet soup, for eight of us. We ate just over half of the damned thing. That's a lot of meat. But it was very good, particularly when pot-roasted, glazed with honey, and accompanied by good company, lots of booze, silly hats, crackers and perfectly ludicrous random presents in large piles. I am now the proud, or possibly stunned, possessor of a gorilla mask, a trio of small plastic aliens and a pair of bat-glasses, which we've established I have to wear when I duck out of a meeting early because the signal projected on the clouds summons me to a student in distress.

Turducken! With stuffing in small rissoley things, because if you have a deboned turkey which is stuffed with a deboned duck which is stuffed with a deboned chicken, you can't actually stuff any body cavities, and stuffing birds for roasting is one of my innocent cooking pleasures. Also, pork and apple and peanuts. Photo, of course, by maxbarners. Hands attached to me.

And, finally, in the Department of Random Linkery, I thoroughly recommend Captain Awkward for sensible, earthy, often very funny advice, occasionally with added poetry extremely gratifying to my inner lit-major soul. Writing about Catherynne Valente's poetry for that second conference has reminded me how very much I love poetry, and how little I read it these days. This shall change. Today's discovery: Pablo Neruda.
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Lady things
I found the following greatly lessened my monthly distress:

1) Changing from tampons to the cup - actual bleeding time has halved, no more terrible cramps, ease of use!
2) Trying to walk more during those times - lessens cramps, helps things "move along"
3) Gynae has just recommended Primeve Plus for PMS-related murderous weepy rage, tender bosoms and other generally horrible things: (have only just started, will report after first month)
4) Also, perhaps ask your gynae for a specific pill tailored to your hormones, rather than one of the standard ones.
5) If you take an iron supplement make sure it has folic acid as well. Also, beware of constipation.

Also, fuck TMI. Happier menstrual ladies is in _everyone's_ interests, lest they are happy to spend a week lobbing dark chocolate from behind sandbags. Not generalising here, speaking from personal experience of Super Grumpy Ragemonster PMS :P
Re: Lady things
I actually have the psychotic symptoms under control, it's just the damned fatigue which is getting me. Not cricket. You sort out all the usual symptoms and a brand new one pops up happily to haunt you. And I'd love to be taking Primeve, it's great stuff, except that my chemist has run out and can't find more stock. Miffed.
Re: Lady things
Do you want some Primeve? I've just bought a box of 90 because that's all they had. Happy to drop some off :)
Lady things, yo!
A major problem with menstruation is that the cocktail of hormones that get thrown at you is not always the same. (Speaking as someone who has never had occasion to use contraception due to my various life choices, that is.)I never know when its going to be carb cravings, bitch from hell or soggy weepy time.

If you don't take any form of iron supplement you can end up with some degree of anaemia which could be causing the tiredness. Iron supplements can cause either the runs or constipation, they are SO much fun. I have tried lots of things (I know I took something called Gentle Iron at some stage) but currently settle on taking one Autrin capsule once a week on Saturdays (as it's easier to remember.) I take folic acid every day because it helps my low blood pressure and is REALLY cheap if you get the non-branded stuff from the dispensary.

I also have a vitamin B12 & BCo shot every so often when things get really bad.

I have an omega capsule most days, whenever I remember to.

Also, for PMS (or any other troubles whatsoever) I can highly recommend cuddling a Polish Bantam.
I second the B12 shot. Vitamin B Changed My Life, however, as my dr pointed out, it will only Change Your Life if you have a deficiency (sp?) in the first place. My deficiency was marked by extreme fatigue and general uselessness and finally tingling in fingers and toes, which is what sent me to the dr for blood tests. And I'm serious, I baked my dr a cake to say thank you, the difference was astonishing.

I take an occasional iron supplement (it's supposed to be daily, but I forget all the time) and it helps the fatigue plus turning my insides interesting shades of very dark green. I have been warned of constipation by firstfallen, but for me it has not been an issue.

The cup is ftw, but that's fatigue-independent.