South Park Self

also accepting offers in the area of reassuring walruses and unruffled giraffe

Why did no-one ever point me at this before? I think there would be significantly smaller piles of savaged student corpses littering the last few years if I'd had ongoing access to a calming manatee. If I strategically deploy this alongside soothing rain sounds (which I don't have to do today given that it's obligingly bucketing down outside), I can probably dispense with all this expensive therapy stuff. Result!

I must cop to blogging today solely in an attempt to distract myself from the pile of essays I have successfully avoided marking for in excess of two weeks, and which are beginning to have that ominous aspect. I shall contemplate a calming manatee for inspiration, and have at them. Excelsior!
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Re: Reassuring walrus
That is indeed a fine, gentlemanly and reassuring walrus. My go-to reassuring walrusi are, however, by Ursula Vernon (naturally). Preferably the one in deelybobbers, which for some unaccountable reason I can't find on her site, but if not, then the one in the jellyfish hat.


Reassuring, no?