South Park Self

never could get the hang of Thursdays

Good lord, my sleep patterns are horrible. Last night I was totally, absolutely and completely uninterested in anything resembling this strange "sleep" of which you speak until about midnight, at which point I forced myself to put down the Avengers slash and back away slowly. Then I spent large tracts of the rest of the night wandering somnambulistically around my bedroom looking for small, random but earth-shakingly vital items on the floor that I could never find, possibly because Hawkeye was hiding them, the sod.

Today I am hallucinating Hobbit in the corridors of the faculty. It's disconcerting. (Alternatively, in this morning's somnambulistic haze I absent-mindedly packed Hobbit and brought him up to campus without noticing. Hmm. Theory. He's probably off somewhere conducting a quiet war with the deputy Dean's fluffy black dogs.) Also, I have spent a lot of today convinced it's Tuesday. Which, apparently, it isn't. Wednesday, yes? It feels more like Tuesday, but my diary begs to differ.

I have also just spent 45 minutes talking down a student who has backed her curriculum into such a corner that even I, with years of creative curriculum finangling behind me, can see no way around her inevitable exclusion. It's depressing to be confronted by a situation in which your curriculum-wrangling superpowers don't function, although conversely given the sleep dep it's not entirely surprising. However, in mitigation of this I appear to be wearing a Girl Genius trilobite pin, which I also have no recollection of putting on this morning. It's cool.

I finally banished "Me and Bobby McGee". Thank FSM.
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