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take your carriage clock and shove it

I have a new skill. It entails running a critical eye over the agenda of any committee meeting I'm expected to attend, and working out where in the agenda items stop being (a) relevant to me, (b) useful, or (c) interesting. Then I invent an entirely specious and apocryphal second meeting which I have to attend starting at that point in the agenda, and solemnly inform the servicing officer of my need to leave early at same. This skilled avoidant behaviour is, for some reason, absolutely failing to trigger my Lawful Good. Clearly committees are evil and it's ok for my paladin soul to dodge them when necessary. It's also necessary for my mental health, given that my pile of committee folders is currently just under a foot high.

Today I enlivened the final in a series of three meetings in quick succession by delicately suggesting that the contribution of a particular department to a particular project may not be entirely necessary in the greater scheme of things. That department has hitherto been staunchly behind the idea of eliminating unnecessary participation and elements have been falling like flies, right up until the principle was applied to them, at which point they became upset and defensive and couldn't see the logic. Fortunately I don't particularly care about this particular outcome and my entirely apocryphal meeting fell due shortly after the arguments started, enabling me to waft out of the room in a haze of smiling calm, leaving wrangling and dissatisfaction in my wake. I also spectacularly fail to feel bad about this, which was absolutely a chaotic action in all possible senses of the word. I may need to re-watch Captain America, my Lawful Good is slipping.

The re-working of my job description is involving increasing numbers of high-level committees in which hideous power is mine, but I still hate committees. Benevolent dictatorship remains my political system of choice, possibly because, somewhere deep in my psyche, I am horribly aware that people cannot be trusted in their own best interests.

In other, entirely unrelated news, the question is whether bunnies, corgis or babies make the most adorable Doctor. The answer, of course, is "owls".
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I love, love, love this status. Also, I wish the nature of my meetings allowed me to do this!
It does take careful meeting selection. Some meetings I'm central enough to that I can't bunk, and tactically I can't do it all the time, it'll become suspicious. But if I hit the balance just right I give the impression of being a desperately busy and hard-working person. I'm down with this :>.