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I have discovered Chrome! It pains me to abandon Firefox, which has served me well for many years and whose cute logo and continued ability to not be IE I shall miss, but it was rapidly succumbing to the more noxious kind of bloat. Chrome is a new, fresh country in which clicking on a browser icon causes this useful contraption to load instantly instead of several minutes later in lead boots. I am, however, known proclivities notwithstanding, deeply suspicious of this "cloud" thing. It ain't natural.

Today I have done two loads of washing, written LARPs for two hours in the company of Jo (we have a mutual reinforcement pact in a desperate effort to actually finish something), diligently filed away the giant wodge of official-looking paper which has resided in the in-tray on my desk at home for upwards of a year, and submitted two tax returns. The dual tax return was necessary because, upon logging into the online filing site (which is madly efficient for a government bureaucracy and has my vote) I discovered that I never actually filed a return for 2011. Mature reflection suggests that this could be legitimately attributable to an ill-fated Australia trip, a life-threatening hospitalisation and several months of serious fatigue, but I don't know if that will hold any water with the jackbooted minions of SARS. I have no idea what actually happens to the evil defaulters who blithely file a tax return a year late: the Lawful Good part of me is subconsciously braced for the SWAT team to burst through the ceiling, waving paperwork. If I'm never heard of again, that's what happened.

The mad productivity and general organisation levels of the day would be terribly worthy, except that I have a dark suspicion I actually only did all of the above as a skilled avoidance of the marking pile. Essays marked today: 0. We're out at Overture for lunch tomorrow, so I suspect its score will be similar. Darn.

In only vaguely related news, apparently the result of spending two weeks reading Avengers slash is that I suddenly have a mad desire to ship Tony Stark with Kaylee Fry. The logic is both terrible and beautiful.
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I find Firefox and Chrome quite similar - I don't find a clear difference between them, and both update frequently to keep up with each other.

For me though they're tools of the trade and I always have both. I use Firefox for a most of my web development because I'm used to firebug.
Flash has a bad rep but ActionScript, especially the newer versions, is pretty powerful and has nice OOP and scripting features. Also a lot of the annoying browser issues you get with JavaScript go away. I don't think the Browser Wars part 2 we're seeing now will solve those issues but Adobe has decided the future (at least on mobile) is HTML5 anyways. :-)
I am feeling severely out-geeked in this conversation, although obscurely happy that it so neatly parallels many of the actual conversations that take place in my actual living room. Gawsh, but I know a lot of computergeeky people.

Firefox became actively impossible because I could not cure it of its memory-hogging tendencies, and my campus computer is old and slow enough to choke completely every time Firefox thought about things, and is only due for upgrade next year. Dammit. At which point I will, in fact, be given a different, slightly less old, slightly less slow computer. Bleah.
I have noticed though (based merely on anecdotal evidence and casual observation) that although Chrome starts up faster, it still chews memory like a 5-year-old going through a packet of jelly beans, so you may start noticing your PC starting to groan if you've got lots of tabs open... and closing tabs doesnt always seem to release the memory.

I've not actually done a serious comparison against FF though, so I cant say for sure.