South Park Self

Thursday wol is agoraphobic

Apparently. He actually looks it, from the photo. A shy person peering at the world from a self-effacing corner of the window, and vaguely hoping it'll go away without noticing.

I can relate, being as how I am homicidally grumpy again. I blame Spring, which is annoying me with (a) the inexorable march of the year, now with added upward student angst, (b) the rise in temperature, and (c) a continually prickly nose and ongoing feeling that my skin is hot and too tight. Pollen. Evil stuff. (Interesting factoid, however: Sex Pollen interludes are apparently a well-defined subgenre in superhero fanfic. Presumably the more supremely dodgy ones.)
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Sex pollen pops up in ALL fandoms. Recently, merpeople are everywhere too. Love fandom :)