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somethin' filled up my heart with nothin'

What is it with Arcade Fire? There's something about the two-punch of "Crown of Love" followed by "Wake Up" which makes me cycle them on endless repeat. I think it might be the beat, that repetitive pulse, or perhaps the repeated note, like a ground bass. Something about a strong, driving bass line really works for me, gives a song an underlying thrust and coherence which is quite separate from the actual tune. See also "Strangers When We Meet", "White Winter Hymnal" (when the beat gets going, with added bonus in the crescendo, which Arcade Fire also does in spades), "Love is a Stranger", "Tusk", "All Tomorrow's Parties", "Love Will Tear Us Apart", "Why So Sad", "We Will Become Silhouettes", Big Wreck's "Head in the Girl", "Where the Streets Have No Name" (serious build-up points), "Colours" and "Lucretia", She Wants Revenge's "These Things". I don't have the necessary musical wossname to actually describe the shared quality, but it's a visceral effect, my whole body responds.

I have been playing Arcade Fire on repeat as a means of escape from a continual string of desperate students, who are in their first week of exams and are tending to flail wildly as they work out how many of them they're actually going to fail. I respond to this with my usual calm professionalism, i.e. by situating on my desk a large jar of mini chocolate bars, which I hand out to anyone who looks stressed. It's quite effective. Especially when I'm the one looking stressed, which happens several times a day. Damn.

Now I shall twiddle my thumbs until the nice ITS person arrives to migrate my email to Outlook. I shall endeavour not to simulate retching in the corner, but it'll be difficult. I loathe Outlook. Gruesome little beast.
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