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gunpowder, treason and plot

This month is inching along at maddened inchworm speeds, now, given the date, with added fireworks. I am horribly behind in The Department of Intellectual Debt Acknowledgement. Before I do that, however, a brief service announcement.

LJ has experienced a completely ridiculous upsurge in spam levels in the last week or so. I am thoroughly bored by having to delete all these stupid, illiterate ads for far-fetched and unlikely products, although the essentially random re-introduction to all my own deathless prose over about eight years is ... illuminating. A quick survey of the comments stats for the blog reveals that very few actual real live humans post anonymously to this blog, and when they do, a good proportion of them are people who actually do have logins and are simply not using them in the interests of hassle-reduction. I am thus, out of concern for my own sanity and the desire to avoid the inevitable karmic backlash from all the Evil Thoughts I keep having about spammers, going to switch the blog to login-only commenting. With apologies for those of you for whom it's a pain. If someone finds a spray repellent or handy orbital nuke that actually eradicates spam-cockroaches, I'll open the comments up again as a gesture of solidarity for the anonymous.

Right, October! A month of weeks.

  • 1st: simply panders to my random love for the thoroughly wonderful phrase "in hock", which is slang for being in debt or, more specifically, having all one's belongings in pawn. It's such a lovely word, hock. Solid and faintly unlikely. The OED seems to think it's from the Dutch hok, "hovel, hutch or prison", and it has lovely resonances with card games, specifically faro, staking everything on the turn of a card and losing.
  • 2nd: Wordsworth, "Tintern Abbey". The Lake District appears to have colonised me good and proper with mad Romantic yens.
  • 3rd: not a quote. I am contractually obligated to occasionally be original in subject lines. It's in the Blogger's Code.
  • 7th: Douglas Adams. A quote from actual Vogon poetry, by Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz. I blush to admit a careless misattribution in a previous month: the poetic collection My Favourite Bathtime Gurgles by Grunthos the Flatulent (referenced on 11th September) is not, of course, Vogon poetry, but was the work of the poetmaster of the Azgoths of Kria, perpetrators of the second worst poetry in the universe. I apologise for this unaccountable slip, while remaining staunch in my belief that being hooptiously drangled with crinkly bindlewurdles is really the only description which adequately expresses the pain and despair occasioned by the particular batch of essays I was marking.
  • 11th: as any phule kno, "arkle" is the noise of faint concern made by baby gargoyles, circa Sandman, "Preludes and Nocturnes", the bit with Cain and Abel.
  • 12th: a phrase from Avengers slashfic by scifigr147, specifically Clint trying to negotiate with a sentient toaster which hates sesame seeds and is refusing to toast him a bagel.
  • 15th: the second line of "Me and Bobby McGee". If this mention puts that wretched song back on my brain again I may actually give up this attribution thing entirely, because good grief.
  • 17th: more Hitch-Hiker's Guide, here Arthur Dent. The quote about never being able to get the hang of Thursdays was on a Wednesday post in which I was complaining about thinking it was Tuesday. It seemed appropriate.
  • 18th: I must cop to quoting that sappy and irritating Coke jingle from way back in my childhood. I have, for some reason, very vivid memories of hearing that song on the radio practically endlessly, both in its jingle incarnation and in the subsequent actual chart-topping version. Even given the delay in things hitting rural Zimbabwe and its probable subsequent media lifespan this is quite an impressive feat of memory, I was two years old when the song charted.
  • 23rd: the deliriously apposite I-hate-work title of the song by Belle & Sebastian.
  • 25th: I am, of course, quoting the hero of Canton, the man they called Jayne, from the episode "Jaynestown". He's wrangling with Mal about the statue.
  • 27th: Velvet Underground.
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