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Wednesday wol disapproves utterly

Picture courtesy of first_fallen, who panders most kindly to my wollecular proclivities. I should reciprocate with more pandas and llamas and the like.

Most wols seem to disapprove utterly of most things. It's a wol thing. I, on the other hand, disapprove utterly of having been in an uninterrupted and unrelenting selection committee meeting from 7.30am to 5.30pm yesterday, during which time the chair issued us all with Red Bull and I scribbled approximately fifty-six curvy wol and kitty doodles all over my notes. It was a far more enjoyable selection committee than Monday's six-hour one, which degenerated into fire and blood and unnecessary wrangling, but I'm still dead.

I'm also not sure if it's Monday's meeting which made me wander around all yesterday and today with the Pet Shop Boys' "In suburbia" in my head, although to be fair it may also be the weird Avengers/werewolf slash fic I was reading. Hmmm.
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