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train in vain

Today was distinguished by complete handout-construction panic in pursuit of the three training meetings I am running in the next two days, and was interrupted by (a) a meeting that was pointless because I know all about everything that was covered, and (b) a meeting that was pointless because everyone else should have damned well known all about everything that was covered. The degree of confusion among our faculty godly bods about basic faculty procedures brings me out in a rash. I have had no time to drink tea, read my email or catch up on my webcomics, and am entering an elevated state of twitch. Also, now my handouts are not the things of elevated beauty and utility I prefer to bestow on my trainees. Phooey.

As a result of all of the above I am lashing my tail in a leopardine fashion and preparing to bite all comers. This has caused me a Revelation, viz. that there actually exists a legitimate and possible use for Tom Cruise, in that tonight I plan to feed my grump by watching Mission Impossible: whatever the latest one was called and growling at idiots. All this annoyance has to go somewhere, and he's a worthy target. Also, bonus Hawkeye!
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It was, of course, perfectly ridiculous and infested with irritating Tom Cruise, which did indeed function nicely as catharsis for bad day. But a lot of its ridiculousness was also wildly entertaining. Throwing Tom Cruise off enormous phallic Dubai towers ftw. Hawkeye hanging in mid air over giant fans ft extra w, and he does look nice in a suit. Gratuitous fight in automated parking garage particularly fun because it whumped on Tom Cruise a lot. Random brief Josh Holloway appearance rather decorative. Jeremy Renner is growing on me at mach speeds, must see Bourne Legacy stat. Ridiculous fancy tech is ridiculous and fancy and I love it. All in all, performed as expected on all fronts, i.e. not very well but entertainingly :>.