South Park Self

they pursued it with forks and hope


I know there are several nonsense fiends who read this blog, logically enough given my known proclivities, so - Scroob and Co - alert! If you haven't already seen this on BoingBoing, you need to go and have a look. It's a student short-film production of Lewis Carroll's The Hunting of the Snark, which they're trying to finance on Kickstarter. $20 gets you the DVD. It looks marvellous, visually: I love the slightly deadpan Gothic gloom they've achieved. And Christopher Lee is narrating, which is one of those perfect confluences of voice and content. They don't have a lot of support, currently, although I think it'll climb with the BoingBoing mention, and I think all right-thinking nonsense fiends ought to be encouraging this sort of thing. It's a Snark! Unless it's a Boojum, but what are the odds?
Awwww! that's a truly lovely wol, and if your mysterious Karma demands that you send it to me, who am I to stand in your way? I shall mail you mysteriously under separate cover with mysterious addresses and things. And thank you!
Wait! are you and the dreaded Mac, in fact, finally owning to the Mysterious Glass Owl delivery which has baffled me, baffled me, Watson, visibly and audibly on this blog for all these years? Because if so, I'm ... speechless, actually.