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Tuesday wol is enacting my current impulse

Today I was in a student progression code review meeting from 9am to 4pm, which, if I do, in fact, have enough brain to count correctly, is seven hours. It was filled with disastrous student records and low-quality food supplies, and was deeply depressing. Then I staggered home to discover that the electricity line outside our front gate was shorting out spectacularly, causing our lights to flicker while it spat great fat sparks and produced sound effects akin to muffled gunshots. The high winds on Sunday brought down a massive branch from one of the eucalyptus trees across the road, which made all our lights go out momentarily (and caused the Evil Landlord to leap into civic-minded action with a saw in order to clear the road), but the lights have been fine for two days. Clearly the cabling has hidden its evident damage like a rake in the grass until the moment when I'm most exhausted and least likely to make sense when I phone the nice electricity people to report The Attack Of The Mutant Electrical Supervillain. ("Please hurry up, the noises are scary.") Also, I am possibly unduly superhero-conscious after fears of switching on my computer and subjecting it to power surges forced me to instead read Hawkeye comics for two hours, at which point the nice electricity people arrived with their cheerful orange cherry-picker and brung the electrical wossname low in short order. Thank heavens. I'm feeling very frayed and heavily inclined towards Skyrim and soothing fanfic.

I am, however, curiously consoled by contemplating a wol who is (a) able to so aptly embody my current desire to hide in a drainpipe, and (b) apparently called Eggnog. Eggnog is, for no adequately defined reason, a particularly fine name for a wol. Also, thanks, Thak. The link seriously made a day that seriously needed uplift.
I've been on a bit of a Skyrim hiatus, only got around to downloading the earlier DLC a week or so ago. I've just played through Hearthfire (house-building TOO COOL, I loved it. But I want to adopt ALL the orphans) and am embarked on the vampire one with a certain amount of eye-rolling owing to the WhiteWolfy pretentious cool vibe. I don't do vampires. This overly Gothy pretty chick gets cured or staked at earliest opportunity. I've heard vaguely good rumours about Dragonborn, I'm looking forward to it, gratuitous discrimination against PC gamers notwithstanding. I suppose they have to make it up to the XBoxers for the lack of console command access ;>.
oh, my, that's a lovely story. Curiously similar to the owl-owning exploits of my family while I was still at school - we also had a rescued spotted eagle owl with a damaged leg who imprinted madly on humans. She flew around the garden in the same way, coming in for food; we were lucky, though, that she broke the imprint enough to mate with a wild owl, and she raised chicks on the workbench in my dad's shed ;>. I suspect being reared with her brother (he was killed flying into telephone wires when only a couple of years old) was important in weakening the imprint.
Re: Best wol ever
We are an Open and Equal Opportunity Drainpipe! join us, we have cute wols. Also, hope your week has improved.