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Wednesday wol is completely stuffed

I blush to confess that I am posting for no more reason than that it's 12/12/12, and I feel this should be memorialised on obscurely mathematical grounds. Possibly I also wish to memorialise the discovery I made today which has caused more students to look at me more oddly than anything else I've done in five years of this job. My feet are still swollen from a combination of Saturday and the damned hot weather today, and like Saturday's Pelican candidates really need to be elevated. The particular constellation of my office chair, desk and spanky new monitor, it transpires, is exactly right for me to hook my calves onto the desk with my feet under the screen, and balance the keyboard on my lap with the keyboard legs hooked over my knees. (All this leg and knee hooking sounds like a particularly athletic sexual position such as my current fanfic diet is prone to, but I promise it isn't). It's surprisingly comfortable, and my ankles are visibly deflating in a reassuring manner.

I don't think Wednesday Wol is any the less wol-like for being clearly artificial. I want one. The small one.

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oh, dear, bad LJ, down, boy, no biscuit. I have rescued you. It was a link deeply worthy of rescuing, I totally need the last three Doctors and Tom Baker, just because. Thank you! In a Cape Town heatwave my day seriously needed coolness.