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Last night I dreamed I was in a glitzy haut couture designer's studio, where she had a clock which was actually a life-sized, animated metal model of Captain America. You told the time according to the arcane constellations of how it blinked, or yawned, or wrinkled its nose. It was creepy.

This is clearly a direct and slightly bizarre result of reading Hello Tailor's Avengers costume deconstructions (because, superheroes) interspersed with the Go Fug Yourself fashion show slideshows (because, pretty dresses). It also suggests that last night I slept through the night for the first time in approximately a month, which is the length of time this 'flu, and its tendency to wake me up at all hours with coughing fits, has actually endured.

Words cannot express how much I loathe and detest this time of year. It's perfectly ridiculous to have the kind of job where I cannot take time out to recover from a serious dose of 'flu because my bloody responsibilities won't let me. Also, once it's all calmed down and I'm simply sitting in my office wishing I wasn't, the post-frenzy crash is worse than the actual frenzy. However, it is remotely possible that I may actually be human again sometime in the near future, supposing I can prevent myself from burying myself in the garden in the depressive throes of the post-frenzy crash. News at 11.
Cocktails are the Evil Landlord's province. He's having a Star Wars Lego showing on Saturday (has a habit of buying a new giant Star Wars one every time they go live with a major client, so there's currently a Death Star and a Star Destroyer and the Millenium Falcon and FSM knows what else in the house...) and is threatening Star Wars cocktails. Except not the Storm Trooper, because it sounds disgusting.
You could have fun with Star Wars cocktails. e.g.

Dagobah swamp water
Cantina-band refresher
Cloudy Bespin
Sandy Sarlac
He's been researching them online, I suspect here, although I tend to discount that page on the grounds that they can't spell Darth Vader. Also, if the Stormtrooper pairs Peppermint Schnapps and Jagermeister, it's definitely disgusting. And incorrect. A proper Stormtrooper cocktail should be mostly white and should cause you to miss anything you aim at.
I wonder if I should bring some recent British TV (i.e. Black Mirror or Utopia) when I come down. Also, have you either watched or read A Game of Thrones?
Ooh, I hear good things about Black Mirror, would love to see some episodes. Not aware of Utopia, but it sounds interesting, would love to see episodes if you recommend it!

I have tried to read Game of Thrones twice, and it simply depresses me infinitely so that I stop reading in a slough of despond somewhere around a third of the way through the first book. Gritty and nasty to the point of pretentious. Not pushing any of my fantasy happy buttons.

I owe you email. Yay for March visit, we should definitely do the traditional Dinner thing.
The TV version of GoT is actually good, it hits all the major notes and themes from the books without the epic, endless details that tend to obscure them. But if you don't like it, you won't like it; Peter Dinklage notwithstanding.

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