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I! GET! KNOCKED! DOWN! butIgetupagain

One of the advantages of driving the Evil Landlord's old car, mitigating somewhat the exhaust fumes in the cab, the non-operational inside catch to the driver's door and the lack of rear bumper, is that the radio works. I've ended up listening to 5FM on the way to and from campus a great deal, the best of a non-perfect set of options given my music tastes. (Everyone plays rap and hip-hop, there's no escaping it, but at least 5FM plays less R&B and more SA alt/rock than KFM, although in this case "more" means "slightly above zero". And I like their DJs, who are frequently rude and iconoclastic). This 5FM exposure has had various interesting knock-on effects, among them a growing fondness for Desmond and the Tutus and an ability to collapse giggling at this particularly delirious work of fan-art, which crosses The Hobbit with "Thrift shop" and which causes me to think "What up I got a big elk" and lose it every time they play the song. (Warning: click on "Thrift Shop" link at your own peril, it's insanely catchy).

Today, however, they played a weird St. Patrick's day mix which featured a good minute or so of "Tubthumping". I barely knew this song until recently, Chumbawamba hadn't really colonised my musical life even back in their heyday, but a month or so back I ran into a hysterically funny piece of Avengers fanfic which includes, among other things, a drunken birthday party at which Thor, Sif and the Warriors Three are introduced to "Tubthumping", which appears to nicely encapsulate their warrior-booze ethos. The scene amused me enough that I dug up the song on Youtube, whereupon it promptly ear-wormed me, and has continued to do so ever since at random intervals after random triggers including mentions of booze, the Warriors Three, parties, tubs, the whisky drink or resilience. With any luck today's subject line has ear-wormed you, thus enacting the only possible response to an ear-worm, which is to pass the bloody thing on. (For the record, although to do so is terminally unhip, I have to say that I rather enjoy "Tubthumping" and there are far worse ear-worms).

I owe an apology to the nice ladies of the book club. Yesterday was something of a blur: I woke up with a bit of a headache, which proceeded to worsen, with side orders of sweating and nausea, throughout my 8am psychologist's session. (It didn't help that my control was thus way down when she hit a couple of major nerves with meticulous accuracy, causing me to lie in the chair sobbing jerkily between distracted assertions of "No, no, it's fine, you're absolutely right, this is an important insight.") I crawled back home in a slightly shattered state, called in sick, took insane amounts of sinus meds and fell into bed for five hours, which helped a great deal. It did, however, mean that I spent the rest of the day shambling around the house in a dazed and zombified state, completely not registering that it was (a) Thursday, (b) the 14th, and (c) book club night. When Tracy phoned in an enquiring sort of way to find out where the hell I was, I was peaceably making myself french toast for supper in an unwashed, rumpled and generally stunned-herring sort of persona entirely unsuited to leaving the house for any reason. Sorry, ladies. I plead lack of brain, mostly because it was too busy biting me.

Yesterday wasn't good, but today is better, probably because of all the extra sleep. Also, two things.
(1) Veronica Mars movie kickstarter. Official, Rob Thomas-led, all the stars on board. Eeeeeeee!
(2) Leopard in a box. Your argument is invalid, because leopard in a box.


(The pic has led the usual phantom Tumblr reblog existence for a few days, the link above is the earliest one I can find. Tumblr's psychotic defence of their touching belief that a reblog constitutes an actual source drives me fifty sorts of demented).
Leopards being leopards, I suspect that it invalidates your argument by virtue of leaping out of the box and playfully chasing you down as if you were the red dot from a laser pointer if you dare to argue with it. Awwwwwww!
It looks so completely smug about it, doesn't it? And, yes, laser-pointer leopards invalidate most arguments. But leopards in boxes materially improve most days.
Interesting. I stopped listening to 5fm some years ago because 2 songs out of every 3 was rap. They must have toned it down a bit. I changed to kfm (much less rap at the time. hmm) but my stress levels in the last few years necessitate nothing more alarming than fmr. fmr soothes the shattered nerves.
My problem is that, all things considered, I'm probably more annoyed by R&B than I am by rap, so KFM simply wasn't doing it. 5FM certainly don't give us two out of three rap songs, probably one in three at the moment. Some kinds of rap, with their rapid-fire linguistic cleverness, I actually enjoy. ("Thrift shop" being one of them, and the video's rather fun).

I've swooped past FMR a few times, but it's never given me anything I've enjoyed enough to linger. Probably bad timing on my part.
I play an online MMO called "Pirate 101" and it's rife with hilarious puns--one of them based on this very song! There's a boss called Chumbawumba, he's an enormous platypus (called "water mole") and the characters say "He gets knocked down, but he gets up again!" (in a terrible Scottish accent) and "We never going to keep him down (in a terrible Jamaican accent, but I suppose if I were a skeletal witch doctor, I wouldn't have good pronunciation skills either).

Leopard in a BOX!