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I have a bad feeling about this...

It's clearly fatal to ever tidy up. Or do filing. Because if you do, in a burst of misguided enthusiasm, carefully file the last six months' worth of paper which are artistically piled in your in-tray as a Hobbit-bed, you run the risk of secreting important drunken scribblings so carefully that you can't find them for weeks. Fortunately said piece of paper turned up again this weekend in the course of a frantic scrabble for vital Morrowind cheat notes, and I am thus able to bring you the socio-chemical scientific conclusions which resulted from the entirely uncontrolled experiment of a Star Wars cocktail evening a couple of weekends back.

This was occasioned, by convoluted and lateral routes, by the Evil Landlord's company moving premises again (something they seem to do every couple of years just to test the path-finding abilities of their employees), and the mechanics of the move necessitating that he bring home temporarily his entire collection of Star Wars Lego projects. As he has a deliberate policy of acquiring a new, giant piece of Star Wars Lego every time a major client goes live, building them at work with the assistance of co-workers and keeping them artistically displayed on a spare desk in his office, there are a shitload of these things. We've had a Star Destroyer on the TV cabinet, a Death Star on the corner table and various other bits and bobs (TIE fighter, Millenium Falcon, Boba Fett's ship, etc) in odd corners for a couple of months. The cocktail party was a dual-purpose occasion to which a select group of proper enthusiasts were invited in order to (a) properly admire them, and (b) sample a dubious array of spontaneously-generated Star-Wars-themed cocktails becoming steadily more dubious as the evening advanced.

Stv took these impressionistic Lego shots. I like the one which is a sort of Lego shrine to Fish.

DSCN2623 DSCN2607

The Evil Landlord is a liqueur enthusiast and pervy-cocktail-fancier, which means that he didn't really have to go forth and acquire much more booze in order to fund the evening. This is a partial selection of ingredients:

DSCN2625 DSCN2600

Informative photo by me. Artistic one by Stv. You can tell, can't you?

In the interests of SCIENCE!, herewith the results of wanton alcoholic experimentation to theme. In defiance of strict scientific method, no actual quantities are given (see scribblings, drunken, for the use of). Experiment with your own. (And note the recurring Bols Blue theme. It's really the most science-fictional liqueur we have, as well as being essential for making green).

THE OBI WAN. This is a sort of glowing blue, as befits either departed glowy Jedi or actual light-sabres. Lime Schnapps, Bol's Blue, Gin, Blue Energade, soda water. Pretty, and fatally easy to drink quickly. I liked this one, despite the Energade.

THE PRINCESS LEIA. A tasty, girly drink. Lime Schnapps, grenadine, Triple Sec, Sprite, mint, and (and this is the important part) two round slices of lemon slotted onto opposite sides of the glass like Leia headphones. I lament the fact that we were too drunk by this stage to photograph it. Vi drank quite a lot of this.

THE TATOOINE SUNSET. This is pretty, and also tasty to a suitably desert, cinnamonny sort of theme. Ginger liqueur, Cointreau, Aftershock, granadilla juice, and a few whole gooseberries. (To represent the multiple moons).

THE SWAMPS OF DEGOBAH. This is a layered one, with Bols Blue and Grenadine on the bottom, topped with granadilla. It's a sort of murky green, but doesn't actually taste too bad. Neil invented it, despite vociferous suggestions that he shouldn't.

THE FOREST MOON OF ENDOR. Really pretty, and also very good despite an unlikely combination of ingredients. Red Bull, Bol's Blue, vodka, lemon juice, a sprig of mint. I think Jo may have perpetrated this, I vaguely remember arguing with her about adding lemon.

THE LIGHTSABRE. The pièce de resistance. Complicated, and masterminded by Jo. So you need a large class and a shot glass. You put a mixture of gin and Bols Blue into the shot glass, then put the shot glass in the larger glass and fill up the larger glass with soda. (My drunken notes specify a squeeze of lemon, but I have no idea where you put it. Be creative). Then you drink it really carefully, mostly as performance art.

Here is pictorial evidence, also by Stv:


It was a very good evening. My drunken notes also record the following snippet of conversation:

ANDREW: "Where should I put these snacks?"
ME (distracted): "No idea, find a horizontal surface which isn't occupied by a model."
ANDREW (knowingly): "Ah, it's one of those parties."

It really was.
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Foo :(
I lament the lost opportunity to see all the models :(. I've long been envious of Eckie's fabled collection, my own being somewhat small.
Those cocktails sound fun, if only I drank...
Seconded the request for pics of Eckies Star Wars models.