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I'm getting too old for this sort of thing

We are all Deeply Alarmed about the sale of the Star Wars rights to Disney: we don't trust George Lucas any more, anyway, since those horrible prequels he was fortunately prevented by direct deity intervention from ever making in the first place1, and Disney's track record is not good in the preservation of fan-beloved material without corporate sellout. And the internet, in its usual merry way, is rife with rumour about the original cast: will Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford have cameos in the new, JJAbramsified material? (For the record, I dislike JJ's Star Trek reboot slightly less than I did when I first saw it, but it's still an annoyingly brash and confusing narrative despite its rather excellent cast. But he'll probably do less damage than George did in those prequels he was fortunately prevented from making).

All this angst being the case, it's refreshing to see some actual perspective, as provided by this incredibly funny and entertaining clip from a Harrison Ford appearance on Jimmy Kimmel. If you didn't watch it on BoingBoing because it looked lame, please rectify that. It made me snort Earl Grey out my nose in the traditional fashion. It's beautifully acute about the nature of fandom, and gets better as it goes on.

1 This is not denial. All right-thinking people know they didn't exist, which is just as well, because they would have been a horrible betrayal if they did.
I think I like your universe better - over here in the parallel he did make the horrible things :( I bet you have zeppelins too, right? I love zeppelins. Sheesh. Short straw universe right here!
Accessing the alternate universe is an act of will. Basically you're going "DM! DM! I disbelieve!" I find it helps if I squint at the end of my nose.

You, too, could occupy this blissful sequel-free universe! Only, alas, no zeppelins.
I did warn you. Earl Grey? Nose? Literally?

I think it's the gradual, inexorable escalation from slightly amusing to completely surreal that does it. Also, Harrison Ford is not a half bad actor.
Disney have already killed off LucasArts, the video game division of Lucas Entertainment, but LucasArts hadn't released a game in over 3 years and was a limp shadow of its former glory in the 90s, so perhaps a merciful death. I am not a big SW fan, but I do actually have hopes for Disney taking over Star Wars. They are obviously just in it to make money, but might be able to inject some new life into a franchise that seemed stuck in an interminable cycle of Directors Cuts and Special Edition BluRays.
I tend to agree: they can't do any worse than George, and the Star Trek reboot, while flawed, certainly had some life to it. Disney is at least about entertainment and will hopefully be merciless with George's self-enshrining tendencies. Ridiculous man.