South Park Self

one day will flash and send you crashing through the ceiling

This picture came over my Tumblr feed today, and is making me subtly happy. The artist is Brenoch Adams, whose site repays a browse, lots of lovely and slightly quirky sf and computer game concept art. I love that the tall, gangling, slightly threatening robot in this portrait is so utterly subordinated to the little black girl. And I love that she's black, with the kicky hair-style: not your usual sf stereotype at all. Mostly, though, I love her expression of slightly feral glee. That girl and her robot are going to take over the world. Watch out, world.

Brenoch Adams: Robo Guard

In the spirit of the power of small girls, have a piece of fanfic which crosses Roald Dahl's Matilda with Tony Stark. No, really. From the reliably readable copperbadge, and with extra X-men diss at no extra charge.
You have a Tumblr feed? Whereabouts might I find it (there's no link under Extemp Elsewhere, darn it!)
Re: Tumblr?
I don't actually post to Tumblr, I have an account so I can follow umpteen comic book blogs and Neil Gaiman :>. I'm still teaching on fan fiction, and Tumblr is ground zero for a lot of the more interesting community stuff. It's also a completely bizarre playpen with structures and conventions quite unlike any other social media site. My academic wossnames quiver a lot :>.