South Park Self

what she says is all right by me, I kinda like that style

We had a Salty Cracker expedition on Tuesday night, to Kloof Street House, which was lovely (Jo will presumably review it sometime, although given that I only just put up my review from the previous Cracker, when we went to The Greenhouse almost a month ago, this is not to be construed as any sort of dig or pressure. Greenhouse was amazing, incidentally).

Kloof Street House was fun, warm and quirky and atmospheric, with excellent food in substantial quantities. (They do splendid things to hand-cut fries). What made the evening for me, though, was the waitress. She was one of those slightly off-beat arty-student people in a marginally hipster hat, with a sparkly attitude which absolutely chimed with the Salty Cracker vibe. She also looked faintly familiar, and I spent most of the meal vaguely thinking I must have taught her at some stage. Which was, in the event, not quite accurate. After the main course she arrived with a tray of fruity shooters of some sort we absolutely hadn't ordered, and which weren't actually a restaurant-standard palate cleanser: she'd begged them off the barman for us, on the stated grounds that the curriculum advice I gave her last year absolutely saved her life and she wanted to say thank you.

I'm still going "awwwww". Meeting one's students in random social settings can be a bit fraught (it was worse in my Goth nightclub days), but not if they're going to be all heartwarming about it. I must be doing something right. It's moments like these that I don't actually hate my job.

Today's fanfic rec is in the spirit of bouncy liberal arts students: Avengers again, but this time featuring Darcy/Steve. I really enjoy the things that the Avengers fandom does with Darcy, who's Jane Foster's pol-sci-student sidekick from Thor: she's presented as strong-minded, pop-culture-savvy and slightly iconoclastic, and a lot of fandom versions of her make her fairly kick-butt. She's not actually super-powered, which I think makes her a good point of fan identification, although quite a few fics put her, as does this one, as a recruit to SHIELD. Teand's Five Things Darcy Loves About Working For Shield. An amusing read.