South Park Self

I'm hella happy, that's a bargain, bitch

Oh, hooray, as of today I am on leave for two and a half weeks. Given that I've spent the last week dragging myself around with a cold in the head and a hacking, bring-me-a-lyric-soprano-and-a-garret sort of cough, this is possibly not a moment too soon. I am surprisingly unrepentant at the idea that for the rest of the month there are no curriculum advisors available for any strangely dislocated student who happens to wander in over the vac. They can just deal, is all. There's work ethic, and then there's just silly. While there are not sufficient wild horses in the multiverse to prevent me from actually reading my work email while I'm on leave, I have sternly resolved to answer only those I deem emergencies. (All the students who email me will infallibly assume that it's an emergency, but I reserve the right to deal with their post-adolescent narcissism as I see fit).

As a good start to my holiday, you absolutely need to watch this Jazz-Age-style cover of Mackelmore's "Thrift Shop". Because of reasons. Also because the band is called "Postmodern Jukebox" and should therefore be rewarded.

Subject line quote is, strangely enough, from Mackelmore's "Thrift Shop". Some of the other options were even ruder.