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a new Super-Spon Reversal Senna-pod twelve horse power convertible

Today I did verily sign my life away, or at least great financial tracts of it, as a result of which I have a New Car. She is cute. And new. She has all mod cons, like a driver's door which actually opens from the inside. And she's cute. And shiny. And new. With the new car smell. I keep having to go out into the front garden to pat her bonnet and confirm that she actually exists and is mine, all mine! (evil cackle). She's a Hyundai I10, which I have been driving near-endlessly during driving lessons and know to be compact and fun to drive.

Mature reflection, i.e. random inspiration, suggests that her name is Minerva, on the grounds that I'm going to inevitably festoon her with wols of various sorts, and besides, Minnie Bannister. Not to mention Minerva McGonagall. I feel the name has good precedent in the feisty lady department.

Here is Hobbit making friends, by dint of touching noses, which he did about three seconds after I parked her.

Minnie and Hobbit

Subject line quote obviously from the Goon Show, specifically The Flea, one of my eternal favourites for its unholy rip-off of Samuel Pepys, and for its depiction of Min and Henry running a flea circus.
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I can't work out which is cuter: the car or the cat touching noses with it! And Minerva is a great name :)
I am happy you approve on all counts :>. Hobbit gave it a very thorough once-over, I assume on the "new shiny thing in my territory" principle, but the body language was very much meet-another-creature-I'm-not-sure-about: horribly cute.
Hah! A Hyundai comrade. They're solid and friendly little cars. I am also inexpressibly amused to note that my licence plate has a 666 in it. I should have called her Lilith :>.
What a cute car! And congratulations! Not only on the new vehicle, but having a number plate ending in 666. That is so cool.