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fire and brimstone

Clearly it is fatal to ever name anything, truenames simply happen with cosmic inevitability. Minerva is apparently not Minerva, or is at least only Minerva for extremely formal occasions. Courtesy of her number-plate and Jo&Stv, she is now the Beast, or Beastie for affectionate. I am bowing to the inevitable, and will have to find a small demonic dangly for her rear-view-mirror rather than a wol.

I should also simply accept that classical names for creatures of mine are doomed: Fish was technically Ariadne, but was never anything but Fish. The Hobbit is technically Peregrine Took or Pippin, but it never stuck. The Biscuit Tin was also supposed to be the Boojum, but that didn't stick either. However, at least the Beast now fits neatly into the clear parameters of Names For My Blue Cars Which Have To Be The Definite Article Plus Something Beginning With B.

It is somewhat of a revelation to realise how much of the Beast is clearly a nostalgic attempt to reconstruct the Biscuit Tin, who I loved with the pure and abiding love of a girl for her small blue tin boxy car.

In the Department of Fire And Brimstone, I have this week brought upon myself solely by my own stupid exertions a particularly early start to Hellweek, which is technically next week. We did early change of curriculum for five hours of yesterday and again today. It's the exact opposite of Christmas coming early, and has moreover produced the misguided young man who, at the end of a long day, attempted to invade my tea-drinking moment with an insistence that he was only adding a course so it wasn't a change of curriculum and he could thus clearly ignore the No Change Of Curriculum sign on my door. Honestly. Basic logic, do we even teach it? *channels Professor Kirke*

Hellweek next week, aka the first week of term. Please forgive me if I am unduly short and explosive in chance encounters. On the upside, my Esteemed Mother arrives from the UK on Monday evening. That should help.
The naming of cars is a curious matter
Somehow I was convinced Fish was actually Lorelei. Huh.

*Anyway*. Our Moomintroll was in danger of becoming The Beast, also (because BIG egad we are not used to cars of such size). Fortunately Elf shouts out "YAY MOOMINTROLL!" every time she sees it exit the garage, so that's now quite firmly established.

(We find it quite exciting having a car again. Or from Elf's perspective, ever.)