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Thursday wol is making with the sad eyes

No, really. It's doing that thing Puss in Boots does in Shrek, where it goes all self-consciously adorable and plaintive.

That thing.

The wol link is from the Instagram account of a lovely lady who works at a raptor rehabilitation centre, and who posts many, many fine wol pictures on which I shall certainly draw for future daily wols.
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I'm getting Sherlock from that face - "what must it be like in your tiny little brains???"
Hee. Owls in my family life have:
(a) tried to nest in my mother's walk-in wardrobe by shredding her straw hat;
(b) destroyed a dozen eggs by landing on the edge of the basket they were in and flipping it all over the kitchen;
(c) attacked my father (claws to the back of the head) because he walked too near the toolshed where they were nesting on the workbench;
(d)inexplicably become covered in engine oil while we were away on holiday, probably via a process not unlike the flipped egg-basket;
(e)become trapped under an empty cardboard box, also via the egg-basket edge-land trick.

You be the judge. Either delinquent, or total klutzes :>.
A friend who knows these things tells me that in India owls are regarded as stupid. Having read your catalogue maybe they're right.