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Tuesday wols occur in tiny herds

My mother went back to the UK last night and I'm all depressed. Have some really ridiculously cute wols. Tuesday wols are consolatory, and trying to imagine what circumstances could possibly give rise to this tiny herd is pleasantly distracting. (Other sources of current angst now available in a friends-locked post near you).


This is another of those photos which has erupted all over Tumblr and is traceable back only to other Tumblr posts (Tumblr is turtles all the way down) or to Reddit, also unattributed. In this case it's probably a good thing, knowing the source would probably also explain the tiny herd and destroy the innocent enjoyment of my imaginings.
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There is a floofy black cat in our neighbourhood, a Persian I think. Looks exactly like Chris and Zoe's Beastly, down to the stubbular legs. I learned recently that his name is Wol :)
Re: Wol
On the same general principle as cats called Fish and Toad. I approve! (In this particular case, presumably Wol is Wol precisely because of the stubbular legs, which are one of a wol's cutest attibutes).
*Attenborough voiceover*

Here we have a prototype wol cloning machine; this early model is fashioned from cardboard, unvarnished pine and plastic and does not operate as smoothly as the production model is intended to. This accounts for the look of punch-drunk outrage common to most members of the wol herd.

Wol second from the front on the right got sidetracked by the strong glue holding the machine together. There's always one...!
Yes - there really should be such a thing. What are the steampunkers thinking of, not getting this up and running already??
Have you been to the World Of Birds lately? It is full of wols, some of them seem to be sitting on eggs. Or do they just like to lie on the ground sometimes?
Re: Wols
A lot of birds of prey will occasionally lie on the ground in order to have dust baths, iirc. Also, there are comparatively few wol species which nest on the ground, and offhand I can't think of any African ones which do. (Although that may just be my deeply faulty memory). My money's on the dust baths :>. I haven't been to World of Birds in decades, but am rather fond of the wol cage at the Spier raptor centre.