South Park Self

it is your wings that make you beautiful


In the Department of Oh Dear I Am A Sad Geek this gif made me go "oooh, sexy!" in heartfelt tones when I saw it first. Not because of Anthony Mackie's butt, although I admit it has its aesthetically pleasing qualities. But because the articulation of the mechanical wings is just so damned cool. I really like the character line-up for the new Captain America, I've always liked Falcon. Looking forward to the movie.

I am still in the throes of orientation, the second programme now, another 11-hour day after which I am deaded by bang. The second programme is a bugger because it's doubled, I give 90 minutes of curriculum talk followed immediately by 90 minutes of the same curriculum talk to a different set of students, followed by another hour of briefing students on technical transfer credit thingies. Then I go and run registration. In between all of the above I must have micro-advised fifteen to twenty different students who stop me with queries as I dash between venues. I have earned my deadness, is all. I shall continue to be incoherent for a while yet. Usually I'm human by March or so. Oh, lord.

Since the subject line is taken from the Magnetic Fields' "All my little words" and is prefaced with the statement "You are a splendid butterfly", I must admit to having chosen it purely for its incongruity value. Sorry.
That's a fantastic song. I particularly like the Tom Milsom cover that he did as a young teen for some reason -

He has a Gameboy, a Magnetic Fields fixation and a decent voice. He doesn't need any more reason :>. That's a completely amazing cover, thank you, it made my day. My day needed making.

It's a fantastic song, but a lot of Magnetic Fields songs are fantastic. Currently I am surviving orientation by having my entire Magnetic Fields collection on rotation in the car.