South Park Self

it's a big, big city and the lights are all out

I wish to report the following, in mitigation of a really long post hiatus:

  • The complete inability of the campus network to load an LJ post page, suggesting I have to flee this sinking LJ ship sometime soon, this is ridiculous.
  • A return to work after two days at home battling the sinusitis/glandular fever/chronic fatigue Trifecta Of Doom, which finally caught up with me after the reg/orientation hellperiod.
  • Three separate students in tears in my office today over my inability to wave a magic wand and cause the rules to cease to apply to them. This is a representative sample of the last few weeks.
  • An addiction to chocolate digestives. (The Woolies ones have lovely crumbly biscuits with substandard limp pale chocolate coating. The McVities biscuits are chewier and not quite as good, but they have a dark chocolate version which is my current favourite. The weather is still hot enough that chocolate digestives are somewhat messy and can only be eaten in pairs, sandwiched together. This is my story and I’m sticking to it. Further dispatches from the Chocolate Digestive Addiction Front to follow.)
  • A retreat into a Skyrim replay, or to be more accurate a re-re-re-replay. This is a traditional summer escape from (a) orientation/registration woes and (b) the heat. All that snow is very soothing, although I still can’t tactically outface frost mages worth a damn and end up filled full of ice spikes and immobilised shortly before being dead. Then again, on a re-re-re-replay I’m playing on Expert level, so there’s that.
  • The conviction, over the last week of car music, that the Fratellis exhibit possibly unhealthy fixations with (a) romancing slightly demented and dysfunctional ladies, (b) romancing older women and (c) sex, drugs and rock’n’roll, or at the very least sex, booze and rock’n’roll. Figures. Also, memo to self, must acquire their new album.
  • A fast-developing fear of the house-hunting process.
  • Exhaustion.

The subject line is from the Fratellis, "Whistle for the Choir", one of my favourites of theirs - they actually write lovely ballady things. In honour of the two-hour load shedding power cut this afternoon, which was a slightly demented mix of frustrating beyond belief, and curiously restful.
I am, indeed, thinking very seriously about moving out of the EL's house: the addition of a third person to the domestic arrangements has catalysed my vague and ingrowing need to have my own place. You haven't missed anything because I haven't mentioned it before, but I will probably burble about it at some length in future blog posts, it's causing me inordinate amounts of angst :>.
That's a cute list, thanks for the link! I am a weird combination of minimalist and sentimentalist, with a side order of poor Lydia being sworn to carry my burdens. For the first 10 levels or so I pack-rat a bit, just to build up capital, but thereafter I'm fairly selective in what I grab. I play heavily towards maxing out Enchanting, so I have a lot of Carry Weight effects available when necessary, but that's mostly for dragon bones, which I hoard for smithing; by level 15 or so I'm not picking up anything that isn't magical and have a highly selective ingredient-grabbing algorithm. I can't bring myself to sell Significant Items, like thaneblades or any major quest objective; most of these end up being horribly underpowered for my combined smithing/enchanting effects so I won't actually use them, but my house is littered with the things.

My weird sentimentalist quirk is soul gem fragments. I have containers of the things all over the show in my house, mostly for aesthetic reasons. They're so shiny! and purple!