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The memory-scrambling drugs are very weird. I was in surgery for the better part of an hour, but I recollect it as a sort of muddled series of highlights lasting no more than a couple of minutes, and including a vague sense that at some point having local anaesthetic injected was painful, but no actual memory of the pain. Which is, in fact, exactly what the nice surgeon promised.

Also, the memory-scrambling drugs are apparently stimulating to the dream centres. Last night I dreamed, in vivid detail, that I was running an interactive, semi-LARP performance of The Sound of Music, with frequent pauses for the audience to suggest alternatives to the plot. For some reason Ben Whishaw was playing the illegitimate son of the father-figure, as a mute who communicated entirely by mime. I woke myself up with the realisation that (a) having Sherlock Holmes deducing characters is an incredibly good narrative short-cut for packing in background information (although with absolutely no idea what the hell he was actually doing in The Sound of Music), and (b) that the whole thing was a much more complicated challenge than I'd expected in terms of possible plot complexities, resulting in the inescapable conclusion that the skills of the actors concerned were absolutely not up to the improvisation needed.

"Minor surgery" is apparently not as minor as all that. The surgeon's nice nurse lady laughed gently at the idea that I might go back to work today, and put me off until Monday. The prime selection of stitches down the back of my thigh isn't actually painful, although they pull a little when I move, and necessitate some odd sitting positions. Mostly, though, I'm realising that she's right - I went out to the chemist briefly this morning, and I'm suddenly dead on my feet. Right, yes, they cut chunks out of me. Small chunks, but I think my body is entitled to object a bit.
Hope you get to rest and stuff, been thinking of you.
(I had a biopsy done about a year ago, and I remember being vaguely surprised at how wrung out it made me feel--it really was only a teeny piece of me. Oh wait, an actual piece of my living flesh scolloped out. Right. No wonder, I suppose.)
Glad to hear the op went as well as these things can, and all the best for a speedy recovery. Go easy on the stitches.

Also on account of having grown up in sunny climes I had a bit of skin biopsied a few years back, and was quite astonished at the body's strenuous objection to having pea-sized lumps removed. I should have gone to a plastic surgeon to avoid the notable leg scar it's left.

The memory drugs sound like something out of PK Dick. Interesting, but reliable selective memory excision sounds like a scary skill set in the wrong hands ;/