South Park Self

still giggling

So, remember the Chris Evans version of 2048 I posted? a few days back? The one which caused certain of my lady friends to go "That game you posted? It's evil! there went Tuesday!", causing me to say, "Well, I did warn you" with some complacence? Celeb versions of 2048 are a Thing right now - I also recommend the one with Benedict Cumberbatch and otters. But absolutely my favourite development in this is the following sequence:

  1. Copperbadge, prominent Tumblerite who I follow because he writes good fanfic, invents the Robert Downey Jr 2048 version, which starts with ickle baby RJDs and progressively ages them as you meld them. Which is probably an obscure metaphor for something, I'm not sure what.
  2. The internet happily melds RDJs for a while.
  3. Robert Downey Jr posts the Copperbadge version on his Facebook page with a comment to the effect of "Damn you, Copperbadge!"
  4. Copperbadge posts a "Holy shit he namedropped me!" comment to Tumblr.
  5. Tumblr melts down.

I love the internet. But its ability to create the illusion that the illusion of the celebrity/fan reciprocal relationship is an actual celebrity/fan relationship, while enormously entertaining to the onlooker, is bloody dangerous. Contemplating the nested and reciprocal validations in that little exchange above is making me slightly dizzy as well as hugely amused.
If you play for long enough (do not ask how long that is) and get disheartened, if you start punching the arrow keys in a clockwise fashion over and over you can get an unexpectedly high score (do not ask how I know this).
I just tried that, and you're right! something about the mathematics of the clockwise thing seems to simply work. I find, weirdly, that I play better if I don't think too hard about it - I tend to snarl my games up particularly when I start fixating on trying to bring two high-level tiles together, and actually do better if I just madly meld anything I can wherever it is.
I am deeply pleased to realise that I am inexorably infecting my immediate social circle with this thing. It's causing me much innocent enjoyment to hear everyone bemoan the distraction. Do you find it has that soothing Zen effect for you? it's really a very calming headspace.
Well, it would be if I didn't keep jumping thinking my students or my boss are coming in to my office. At one point it *was* my boss. I think my lightning alt-tab did not incur suspicion...