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It is at this stage fairly possible that I've found myself a house rental, enabling me to remove myself from the domicile of the Evil Landlord, a gesture which will be accompanied by the unmistakeable sound-effects of stretching, twanging and pained meeping noises as deep-seated roots resist uprooting for all they're worth. Unless there's something fairly horrible lurking beneath the innocent surface of the rental agreement I should be moving within a couple of weeks, and have hence been forced to buckle down and, avoiding the ricochets of disturbed .303 bookworms, weed my giant L-space book collection so I have some faint hope of compressing it all into boxes for travel without actually collapsing the local space-time continuum. My study floor is currently bedecked with tottering piles of volumes, faintly tear-stained as a result of the emotional upheaval of deciding to chuck them.

I will, of course, stick most of them into voluminous bags and haul them off to the local charity shop, but before I do that I'd like to give CT-based witterers of the sf/fantasy persuasion (i.e. most of you) a crack at claiming any of them which look as though they might usefully enhance your reading life. Photographic listage follows. If you want any of these, please let me know and I'll label them yours and shunt them in your general direction via trained mongoose or brown paper parcel switches in the park, or something. (This is the first installment. It's approximately a sixth of them, and I haven't tackled the non-sf yet).

DSCN2706 DSCN2704

The house, for the curious, is a semi-detached recently-renovated two-bedroom Victorian in Lynfrae, which is a subset of Claremont; I re-toured it this morning in the company of Claire and Stv for moral support and second opinions, and they like it as much as I do, which is quite a lot. And it's not just because it's bucketing with rain at the moment and the whole world is a nicer place.

My subject line is, of course, Terry Pratchett, although I can't remember which book it's from and am callously leaving that as an exercise for the reader.
There are 6 books I DON'T want, the A.E van Vogt, and the jasper fforde. And the Olaf Stapleton. Because I already have copies..
Can come over now.
P.S Have bakkie.
Your 'have bakkie' comment made me laugh. I have a lot of books, but not that many. Is Linda going to hate me for giving you all this extra volume of paper for the house to absorb?

You are extremely welcome to any and all, except the Mrs Pepys, which Tracy has bagged. So far I'm free most of the evenings this week, or you could wander over for tea or drinks or something on Wednesday, when not actually voting?

If you're feeling generous, you could also swap piles of literature for any of Agents of Shield you happen to have illegally acquired? because trying not to read spoilers on Tumblr is making me cross-eyed and is anyway doomed.