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I could be happy on my own

This would be all a lot easier without the discovery that my camera has a broken catch on its battery lid, which is why it's been telling me that the battery is flat after four photographs for the last few months. I have thrown out, with unnecessary imprecations, an awful lot of perfectly fine batteries. Further book stack photos are taken with my cellphone, with something of a reduction in quality, apologies.

There has been something deeply satisfying about arriving at the realisation that both Jasper Fforde and Gregory Maguire annoy me utterly and don't have to be given shelf space. Also, that while I enjoyed the C. J. Cherryh, I look elsewhere these days when I have a yen for feminist sf, and will probably never re-read these. And Kim Stanley Robinson is Worthy But Often Incomprehensible, and life's too short.

The subject line is Franz Ferdinand. I have been rediscovering Franz Ferdinand as driving music over the last few weeks, it's bloody good fun, although falling very distinctly into the category of "Rock Music Which Makes Me Drive Slightly Ferally". The song is "Live Alone", which has been making me laugh because it's so bloody apposite just at the moment. Anthem adopted, forthwith.
Cherryh is hot and cold for me.
I can't STAND the Merchanter's Luck/Cyteen books...but I can't put the Chanur series *down*.
Tree of Swords and Jewels--no likey. Paladin--OMG.

it's odd.
I used to love Chanur, but the last time I picked it up it didn't actually grip. I remember vaguely enjoying her hard sf with tough girl spaceship pilots and what have you, but my current principle is that if it didn't stick with me hard enough that I keep coming back to it, there's no room for it on my shelves. Because honestly, I have a lot of books...
I honestly can't remember, it's a while back that I read it. I don't recall it being spectacularly horrible, at any rate. I'll add it to your stash and you can tell me :>.
I'm grateful to hear of another person who isn't fond of either Maguire or Fforde. I was feeling isolated and doubting my taste.
God, no, of course you're not alone. Maguire and Fforde both fall into the category of Writers Who Think They're Terribly Clever, which is an absolutely different thing from intelligent writing. I'll miss Fforde's dodos, though. He's almost worth it for the dodos. Almost.
From what little I remember, Fforde is indeed good for the dodos, but little else. Glad I borrowed his books from our local library. Weeding your own collection is always bound to be painful.