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More Kim Stanley Robinson. Why do I have all this Kim Stanley Robinson? I've only kept the Mars ones, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The Steven Erikson I bought because I had to mark a Masters dissertation in them; they were interestingish, but didn't really do it for me enough to warrant shelf space. I have limited sympathy for grim/dark/gritty fantasy. I am also, with a sense of vindictive satisfaction, getting rid of Thomas Covenant, which I've only really kept out of a vague feeling that I ought to as a good fantasy critic. Nope. Really, no. (The Philip Mann whose title you can't read is The Eye of the Queen. I bought the Philip Mann because a colleague recommended them as part of my Masters dissertation, and I referred to them in passing for half a sentence and never read them again.)

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there is, perhaps, a certain degree of gleeful trampling on the corpse involved. Although I've kept, for no adequately defined reason, the Mordant's Need ones. Possibly because the mirror magic is interesting, possibly because I identified like hell and dammit with the heroine when I first read them as a pale, weedy undergrad.