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Is there no end to these, you cry? Possibly not. I really own an awful lot of books, some of which are rather more awful than they should be, and others of which I've read an awful lot less than I should. (Pardon while I channel a drunken Bilbo Baggins for a moment). In this batch I am tossing, with profound political joy, Orson Scott Card, since the man's frothing homophobia has finally reached the point where I can't actually bring myself to read anything he's written. (The Alvin Maker series were among my Masters dissertation texts, and were presumably fun at the time, but I appear to have grown out of them on multiple levels). I actually recommend the Gail Carriger, they're frothy romps if ever I read one. Victorian werewolves and gay vampires of the more urbane sort, and a feisty heroine who hits things with her parasol. I'll probably replace them in e-book format because they're a fun guilty pleasure read. Unike the Laurell K. Hamilton, which, despite the claim of its title, is simply a terrible piece of writing. The John Brunner are definitely in the category of things I should have read an awful lot more than I have. The Peter Dickinson is one of his adult ones, which I don't think are as good as his kids' books. You will pry my considerable collection of Dickinson kids' books from my cold, dead hands.

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Please may I have all the Brunner? The Sheep Look Up blew me away long long ago and I've never forgotten it.
Actually, I've changed my mind. Brunner is amazing, but the facts of my life are that I'll never get around to reading them. I need to be realistic here...
You have just reproduced, in microcosm, the mental processes I underwent when deciding to throw these out. They're the volumes most likely to be given a last-minute reprieve when I'm boxing this lot. He's bloody brilliant. I kept Stand on Zanzibar, but don't seem to have Sheep Look Up. Bugger, I've just convinced myself to keep these. You can borrow them from me when you next go on holiday :>.
Ha! Mad power is mine!

I got tslu from the university library as an undergrad. Didn't use insecticide for some 18 years after that and developed almost reverential respect for earthworms.
I have The Sheep Look Up - read it at 14/15, had similar reactions. You are welcome to borrow it :-)
Ooh, I'll take the Carriger if I'm not too late. That's the one you loaned me this year, kind of pinched and frothy at the same time? ;)

bugger, sorry, you're too late - Mac descended with a small pantechnicon last night and took really rather a lot of books away with him, while cackling manically in a frankly worrying manner, and I'm afraid the Carriger were with them. You will have to follow my principle of guilty pleasures as e-books so they don't take up space or brandish themselves too openly :>.