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the exile waiting

Still partially with the sf/fantasy, although starting to move into the bookshelves in the passage, which have non-fantasy and kiddielit sections. Some of these I haven't actually read, and have made a mature, adult judgement that probably I'm never going to read them. If you take any of the Brin or Asher you have to let me know how they were. Tracy, you may like the Benford on the grounds of hard sf writers called Greg. I am booting Mists of Avalon out of generalised irritation: as with the Donaldson, Fforde and Maguire it's amazingly and enjoyably cathartic to simply conclude that I can't be having with the varying degrees of pretension despite the authors' iconic status. The Steinbeck, Salinger, Carson McCullers and Spark are remnants of my attempt to read Serious Modern Literature when I was in high school, courtesy of a persuasive English teacher. It didn't stick.

Those of you who want any of these books had better get in quickly, Mac is evincing a tendency to say he wants all of them except one or two, and threatens to arrive with a bakkie.

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Sure, chuck Greg my way, please. Oh, and Mac, to quote the little old lady keeping Garfield from her canary, "Back! Back, you savage!"