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Right, we're into the YA. The Sarah Rees Brennan is a duplicate, I ordered the UK one as well for its lovely cover, in a fit of sheer self-indulgence. Young adult gothic, she has a lovely line in character and dialogue. Like Cassandra Clare she's a fanfic writer who's gone fantasy pro; I like Brennan's writing a great deal more than I like Clare's, but I like both of their fanfic more than I like their novels, which is odd. Vague Very Secret Diary loyalty is not sufficient for me to give shelf space to the Clare, but I think they're both young writers who will probably mature interestingly. The Cabot is sheer fluff, I conceived a passion for the wretched things while I was convalescing from the whole DVT fiasco, and they suited my completely brain-dead state at the time. They're actually not as bad as you'd think, they're frequently funny and acute.

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ooh, if nobody has claimed the Cabot yet may I do so on behalf of 11yo spawn? She is about to finish the Alex Rider series and this may be fun. Or maybe I should rather continue indoctrinating her with Pratchett...
hah, thought someone might want them for girl-children. You certainly may have them, they're fun, although aimed at a teen market - I'm not sure if she's into reading about the angst-about-boys stage yet? I'll put them aside for you.
I think she may be interested in the same way she's interested in teenage boy spies, as something fascinating but implausible. There's only one way to find out ;-)