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needing a babysitter and hiring a dingo

It's a curiously powerless feeling, sitting here on the bottom end of Africa and watching the US's utterly venal and corrupt oligarchy calmly and rapaciously affect our lives. Because it does: our culture is global these days, its supply chains and technologies interconnected as intricately as our biosphere, and with as much potential for damage. The current threat to net neutrality is giving me cold shivers, but it's also giving rise to John Oliver's take on it, which is, frankly, beautiful.

Fly, my pretties! Fly!
It's a pretty powerless feeling here too. Sure, I can comment on net neutrality. But will comments from the populace matter? Less than you might think, even here where it's happening. I have lately been feeling very steamrollered (which may not be a word) by my government.
Trouble is that Big Business today is so big that it gets round to thinking, "Hey, I'm bigger than the government!"

Next thing you know it's thinking things like, "Law? What's that but a drag on Business. Business is the thing!"

And, as pointed out, they can afford the dollars, and camoflage their shenanigins in dull verbiage. Trouble is the trolls out there don't tend to look at this kind of thing. Hmmmph!