South Park Self

Pantone 292

This is a public service announcement: please not to take it personally if I haven't returned any of your emails or made any effort to see you in the last couple of weeks. The equation goes something like start of term = inevitable lurgi = inevitable post-lurgi fatigue = inevitable depression. I am a small, hedgehoggy ball of misery and self-loathing and am not summoning much energy to do anything, much, unless it's arranged for me and presented to me inescapably on a plate. Normal communications will be resumed when I have hauled myself out of it via my bootstraps and, possibly, gin. I have to say, having my Very Own House in which to hedgehog is definitely a plus.

The subject line is, of course, the Magnetic Fields, who are the official sound-track of depression. They've cycled round to being my driving music again. They're surprisingly consoling.
Commiserations. See you on the other side of the Slough of Despond? May it be shallow.

And apropos of nothing much, it's amazing what a diverse range of blues a Google Image search for Pantone 292 shows up.